HOKIbank uses kepeng money as a logo in writing the name HOKIbank, which means that kepeng money, which is an ancient legal payment instrument, is considered to be a combination of two cultures that are mutually bound and harmonious with each other and is a history of trade and the circulation of money as the price of all forms of goods and services. .

In every curve and attractive color of the Uang Kepeng logo, there is a deep meaning that reflects the identity and mission of this bank. The round shape, as the foundation of the logo, creates an impression of completeness and unity.

The striking red color signifies enthusiasm, courage and the spirit of transformation. This is a symbol of the bank’s involvement in providing dynamic and innovative solutions, as well as the spirit to continue to grow and develop.

The color yellow, with its bright glow, refers to prosperity, cheerfulness, and optimism. Showing the bank’s commitment to being a partner that brings financial happiness to customers.

Blue, in its calm and stable shades, symbolizes trust and professionalism. This color creates an atmosphere of security, emphasizing that Uang Kepeng bank is a solid and trustworthy place at every step of the financial journey.

The harmonious combination of these three colors creates an overall visual narrative that conveys a message about the spirit of change, sustainability and holistic service. This logo is a symbol of the bank’s commitment to providing complete and powerful financial solutions, as well as maintaining the essence of involvement and trust in the relationship with each customer.