The Bank’s extraordinary journey began in 2005, when SARI UNTUNG metamorphosed into PT BPR HOKI, an important milestone that turned it into a bank recognized throughout Bali.

This transformation process includes the acquisition of PT BPR Nata Adi Permana, which was founded in 1992. Through changes in name and ownership, PT BPR HOKI built the foundation as a bank that is recognized and taken into account.

Support from the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia, which is manifested in Decree No. C-23056.HT.01.04.Th.2005, became the foundation for PT BPR HOKI’s journey as a superior local bank. This decision gave the bank a recognizable identity and fueled further growth.

On November 11 2011, PT BPR Hoki took a big step by opening a branch in Denpasar and relocating its head office from Tabanan. This is a critical point in geographic expansion and infrastructure growth.

As part of business development efforts, PT BPR Hoki opened branches in Badung in 2014 and in Gianyar in 2015. These two branches not only expand geographical reach, but also strengthen the bank’s involvement in supporting local economic life.

Through a focus on innovation, customer service, and commitment to sustainability, PT BPR Hoki continues to play a key role in economic and financial development in Bali. By establishing itself as a bank that makes a positive contribution to society and becomes a trusted financial partner.